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Main Difference – HTC One A9 vs X9

The main difference between the HTC One A9 and X9 is that HTC One X9 comes with a bigger display, better battery capacity, and a faster processor.

HTC One X9 is the latest device in the HTC family which was unveiled in china recently. It comes with many attractive features. HTC One X9, which looks just like the iPhone 6, will have more internal rivalry than the external rivalry; devices like HTC One A9 and HTC One M9 can be HTC One X9’s competitors. Let us take a look at both devices, the HTC One A9 and One X9,  and see what they have to offer and get to know the main differences between them.

HTC One A9 Review – Features and Specifications

After the failed release of the HTC One M9, HTC came up with a device known as the HTC One A9. This device is built well and comes powered by the Android operating system. The HTC’s latest devices do not come with all the signature features that were there in their earlier devices, which may cause them to lose traction with their competitors. HTC One A9 has some great features but fails in some aspects when compared to its rivals.


The processor that comes with the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, which has been designed according to the 64-bit architecture. The processor comes with octa cores and four of the cores clock a speed of 1.5 GHz whereas the other four clock a speed of 1.2 GHz according to the workload available. The memory that comes with the device is 3GB, which is ample for heavy applications as well as multi-tasking.

Apps, in general, perform fast and smooth although there are hiccups now and then.


Although HTC One A9 looks just like the iPhone 6, HTC claims that it was Apple that copied their design. HTC broke the metal chassis and introduced plastic metal bands to increase the reception capability of the antenna of the device. Apple soon followed this feature and added it to the iPhone.

One A9 also has a 2.5D Gorilla glass and that, curving from the screen, gives an elegant look. It also includes a responsive fingerprint scanner for additional security. This fingerprint scanner also looks like the Touch ID sensor found on the Apple iPhone. The design of this phone is very much similar to that of the Apple iPhone in many aspects, and it would be basically hard to differentiate between the two, if not for the logos on the back.

The design of the device is a comfort to hold in the hand. The body of the device is rounded. The secret of the comfort of the phone is the immaculate design of the body which has seen a lot of precise details. As the phone is not too big, it is ideal to fit into the pocket too. The body of the phone has HTC’s signature dual finish, a polished look due to the aircraft grade aluminum body, and brushed effect at the back.

The edge of the device also comes with volume control button and the sleep wake button. There is also an IR blaster like a slot on top of the device and this slot acts as a window for the GPS module that is inside the phone.


The size of the display of the device is 5.0 inches which use AMOLED technology. This is a relatively smaller screen when compared with many of the super-sized phones that are produced these days. The colors produced by the display are warmer than that found in many of the Samsung devices which come with the same display technology. The colors produced are also slightly dim compared with other devices. The viewing angles on the display are great, and the colors, in general, are vibrant and solid.

Another feature of the display is the availability of natural tone-down colors, an option which can be activated with a tick. The colors produced with this options will be less vibrant and more accurate.


The memory card slot and the nano-SIM card slot are housed at the edge of the device. The phone is able to support an expanded memory of 2TB with the help of the micro SD card. The built-in storage that is available for the device is 32 GB.


This smartphone contains only a single speaker on the bottom rather than a front facing that is available in many latest devices. The sound produced by the speakers is not up to the mark by any means, and this is a great disappointment with the device. With the headphones plugged into the device, the sounds seem a bit brighter; thanks to Dolby Audio Processing paired with the built-in amplifier which provides the powered up sounds.


The micro USB port which comes with the device can be used for data transfer and charging.


The battery capacity of the device stands at 2150mAh, which is a lower capacity compared with the devices available today.


The rear camera comes with a resolution of 13MP and is accompanied by optical image stabilization (OIS) for blur-free images and quality shot in low light conditions. Although OIS is available, there are some instances where photos look like as they are washed out in low light conditions.  The 13MP shooter performs exceptionally well in daylight conditions but is still somewhat behind its rivals. Although the sensor saw a downgrade from the previous M9 version, the crispness, and sharpness of the photos are good. However, the photo has lost a bit of detail. The camera is ably supported by a simple camera user interface application that also comes with settings like exposure, ISO, and white balance in Pro mode, which come with compact cameras. The camera is also able to capture RAW images with additional details. The device also comes with post processing features, which somewhat outperform the competitors.


This is one of the non-Nexus phones that support the new Android Marshmallow operating system. There are some cool features that come with the new operating system. Now on Tap feature enables the user to search content on the screen itself without going into Google or any other search engines. The fingerprint scanner can now authorize Google Pay purchases, and there comes a feature called Google Flex which enables the external memory card as though it was internal storage.

Difference Between HTC One A9 and X9

HTC One X9 Review – Features and Specifications

HTC One X9 is the latest device released by HTC. It was introduced as an Android device during the festive season. This device is affordable compared to many other devices in the market that come with the same configuration. This could be considered a great attempt by HTC to capture a greater market share of the mid-range market.The competition for the mid-range market is intensifying as many brands of feature phones are being produced at affordable prices.


This smartphone has a metallic design and Android buttons that have been backlit as in the recent devices.


The display of the device is 5.5 inches, and the display resolution is 1080p. The display will most probably be using IPS technology.


The processor which powers the device will be using octa-cores, and the chipset will be MediaTek X10. The memory that is available on the device is 3GB.


The built-in storage on the device is 32 GB. This can be expanded with the help of a microSD card up to 2TB when this micro SD card is available.


The battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, which will enable the phone to last throughout the day.


The device comes with dual Nano Sim slots. The phone supports UTMS (3G), TD-SCDMA by China Mobile, dual mode LTE (FDD & TDD bands)


The rear camera of the device comes with a resolution of 13 MP and an aperture of f/2.0. The camera also comes with the optical image stabilization feature which will be able to produce quality, blur-free images. The camera is also supported with a dual tone flash to brighten up low light conditions.

The front camera also has an aperture of f/2.0, which is powered by Ultra pixel for better low light shots. The camera also facilitates the capture of RAW format files for enhanced detail of images.


The HTC one X9 also comes with Boom sound front facing speakers, which will enhance the output quality of sound. Even though HTC One A9 is smaller and expensive, it does not come with this speaker. This may make the HTC one X9 an attractive phone to buy over HTC one A9.

Main Difference - HTC One A9 vs  X9

Difference Between HTC One A9 and X9


HTC One A9 has the dimensions of 145.75 x 70.8 x 7.26 mm and the weight of the device is 143 g. The body of the device comes with metal.

HTC One X9 has the dimensions of 153.9 x 75.9 x 7.99 mm and the weight of the device is 170 g. The body of the device comes with aluminum.

The HTC One X9 is larger and heavier than HTC One A9. This makes the HTC One A9 the most portable device of the two. Another notable feature is the HTC One A9 supports Android Marshmallow whereas the HTC One X9 comes with the older Android Lollipop 5.0


HTC One A9 display size is 5.0 inches, and the pixel density of the screen is 440ppi.

HTC One X9 display size is 5.5 inches, and the pixel density of the screen is 401ppi.

The HTC One X9 comes with a larger display, but the HTC One A9 will have a sharper one due to its smaller size and resolution.


HTC One A9’s front facing camera comes with a resolution of 4 MP.

HTC One X9 front-facing camera has a resolution of 5 MP, supports RAW image capture, 4K video.

The HTC One X9 will be able to capture more detail with its front facing the camera and also with the RAW capturing features.


HTC One A9s comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon, which has an octa-core processor which can clock a speed of 1.5GHz and the graphics are powered with the help of the Adreno 405 GPU.

HTC One X9 comes with the MediaTek Helio X10, which has an octa-core processor which can clock a speed of 2.2GHz and the graphics are powered with the help of the PowerVR G6200 GPU.

The new and faster processor that comes with the latest HTC One X9 device will be able to perform faster and respond quicker.


HTC One A9 has a battery capacity of 2150mAh.

HTC One X9 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh.

The Battery of the HTC One X9 is capable of lasting for a longer period of time when compared with the HTC one A9.


HTC One A9 comes with a single speaker.

HTC One X9 comes with Boom sound front facing speakers.

The latest HTC OneX9 comes with a better speaker which mean it will produce better sounds which will be ideal for people who listen to music.Difference Between HTC One A9 and X9- infographic

HTC One A9 vs X9 – Summary

In general, the HTC One A9 is a good phone. The build quality of the phone is first class. The phone being able to support Marshmallow is a great feature as many of the latest features that come with the Android Marshmallow can be accessed. The HTC X9, on the other hand, comes with a larger display and a lot of performance upgrades. If we are to compare the HTC One A9 with the HTC One X9, the latter seems to be a better choice in regards to the many upgraded features it offers.